Dayshawn’s Dream: 2023 Black History Month Production

Our 2023 Black History production was entitled Dayshawn's Dream. This story tells of a unique journey through time the prespectives of black youth today. It highlights aspects of slavery including the transatlantic slave trade, African Kings and Queens, women in hip hop and Caribbean culture.

The underlying message is our history, heritage and culture is so much more than slavery. We come from greatness | and destined to be great.

We performed at Rouge Valley PS to an audience of about 100 on February 23rd for an audience for about 80. Thank you sincerely for coming despite the bad weather.

February 24th we did 2 performances at Brooklin High School and both were a hit!! The team even engaged in panel discussions after each performance. The feedback was great and the school has asked us to come back next year.

The Blue and white t-shirt worn at the end of all w performances were graciously donated by CL Clothing. Then say “LIVE YOUR ANCESTORS GREATEST DREAMS”….and we strive to do just that!

Check out some short clips from the show

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