P.I.L.O.T Mentorship Series

Passion Inspires Leaders of Tomorrow

Program description:

The acronym P.I.L.O.T stands for Passion Inspires Leaders of Tomorrow.

PowerFIlled Youth PILOT talks mentorship series is intended to allow black children and youth to gain knowledge and inspiration from black leaders and professionals within their communities and society. Impactful mentor-ship is unquestionably valuable and often influences the future choices and way in which our children and youth see their worth and limitless potential.

Why this programs exists:

Positive black representation is an integral step in the struggle against anti-black bias as it relates to the healthy development of children and youth.

Historically black people have been portrayed as athletes, gangsters, entertainers, welfare mothers, servants, drug dealers, scammers, video vixens, divas, deadbeat dads, etc. Based on these stereotypes, our behaviors are portrayed as violent, lazy, animalistic, sexual, opportunistic, and angry which is hugely problematic and disparaging to people of colour.

Our goal with this program is to break this pattern by exposing youth to black leaders and professionals.

Previous P.I.L.O.T Talks


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