Black Lives Matter: Peaceful Youth Protest

On Monday June 8th 2020, the PowerFilledYouth Team lead a peaceful march in protest demanding justice, change and an end to unfair, unjust, inequitable treatment of black people everywhere.

A group of approximately 60 people assembled in the community of Malvern for the peaceful demonstration. The youth used this platform to express themselves and their feelings safely while showing solidarity with the world in demanding justice for black people.

The signs, T-shirt and chants made our message clear, Anti-Black Racism has no place in our community, country or world. The amazingly talented 17 year old spoken word artist Daveisha Francis open the event with a peice she wrote called “Slavery Taught Me How To Survive.”

Check out the pictures and video clips from the event.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported the March!

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