20-Week Youth Engagement Program
November 10 - March 23 2022
Open to ages 8 to 18

This unique program is intended to empower, uplift, and inspire BIPOC children and youth and help build their confidence through various workshops, activities, and interactive sessions.

P.I.L.O.T Mentorship Series
Passion Inspires Leaders of Tomorrow

This mentorship series is intended to allow black children and youth to gain knowledge and inspiration from black leaders and professionals within their communities and society.

Community Outreach initiatives
Opportunities to give back to the community

Involving our BIPOC youth in activities that contribute to and promote the good of our local communities. and building partnerships with local organizations and individuals

Black History & Culture Education Partnerships
with educational institutes (TCDSB, TDSB)

Annually, we create awesome black history month productions celebrating black history through dance, song, poetry, media, and drama to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

International Givebacks
Reaching the world
Our international giveback campaigns are motivated by our desire to promote social justice and equity in places that resemble the BIPOC youth in our local community.
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